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  • NetAlly LinkRunner 10G advanced Ethernet Tester

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  • New: M12-X adapter for DSX cable tester

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Allmos Electronic - Specialist provider of Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout network solutions

Allmos Electronic is your specialist for Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout network measurement technology, network analysis and network monitoring, helping you deploy and use intelligent measurement tools to the benefit of your business. Allmos Electronic gives you the measurement instruments from Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout to maintain the availability of your network and IT infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of products form Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout to help you verify your network performance and infrastructure, from certification and qualification of copper and fiber-optic systems to checking your LAN/WLAN infrastructure.

As network infrastructure grows in complexity, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools to troubleshoot problems and find the root cause. Allmos Electronic is your go-to partner for resolving network issues. We provide you with the right tools from Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout for analysis, planning and design, enabling you to tighten the transparency, security and reliability in your network highly efficiently.

Customers of Allmos Electronic benefit from first-class advice on products from a team of skilled professionals. We work with a direct line to our partners Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout, the market leader in network and cable testing.

Allmos Electronic is a subsidiary of Atlantik Networxx AG.


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