DSX Cable Analyzer Adapter for M12-X Connectors from Fluke Networks

Ethernet failure protection

Planegg, July 10th, 2019

Allmos Electronic presents the M12-X adapters for the DSX Cable Analyzer product family from Fluke Networks. The M12-X is a standard connector for harsh Ethernet environments that supports communication data rates of up to 10 Gbps. With the new adapter, installers and operators can, according to the manufacturer, use the DSX series for pre-commissioning verification and troubleshooting with cable systems using the M12-X connector.

The DSX Cable Analyzer product family supports system cables up to and including Category 8, single and multimode fiber as well as TIA, ISO and IEEE standards.

The series performs rigorous tests with simple pass/fail results and provides detailed diagnostics that reduce troubleshooting time.

"Studies have shown in the past that more than half of all Industrial Ethernet failures can be traced back to cabling problems," says Ottmar Flach, Managing Director of Allmos Electronic GmbH. "Examples include faulty connectors, cable or shield interruptions, susceptibility to static electricity or moisture, and cables that do not meet the specifications or are simply too long," adds Ottmar Flach.

The DSX Cable Analyzer series ensures that installed cables are suitable for Industrial Ethernet environments before machines are started up, or that any problems are quickly resolved.

The new DSX Cable Analyzer adapters for M12-X connectors are now available at Allmos Electronic.