Allmos Electronic presents the new Live-Fiber Detector FiberLert™ from Fluke Networks

User-friendly and compact detector for troubleshooting fibre optic links

Planegg, January 12, 2022

Allmos Electronic presents the new Fluke Networks FiberLert™ live fibre optic detector. It is suitable for IT professionals and fibre connectivity service providers who are responsible for troubleshooting and maintenance or who work on fibre equipment and infrastructure, especially when fibre test equipment is not available.

Quickly check fibre activity, polarity and connectivity with the new FiberLert™ live fibre detector. Simply place in front of the fibre end face or port, a light signal and tone then indicate an active fibre (850nm to 1625nm), no setup or interpretation required. This pocket-sized tool tests singlemode, multimode, UPC and APC patch cords and ports with a non-contact/non-contaminating detector. The LightBeat™ feature flashes the LED to indicate that the tool is on and the battery status is sufficient. A timer turns FiberLert™ off after five minutes of inactivity to extend battery life (2xAAA, included). Robust design, convenient pocket clip included, two-year warranty.

Advantages of the FiberLert™ live fibre optic detector:

  • Can be operated one-handed in confined spaces.
  • Quickly detects polarity problems.
  • Works with all fibre types (multimode/singlemode).
  • Does not damage the end face of the fibre connector/terminal.
  • Increases safety by indicating if the fibre optic cable you are working on is conducting light.
  • Allows anyone to perform basic testing on fibre optic connections.
  • Allows basic troubleshooting before specialists need to be called.
  • No need to interpret the results first
  • No training is required
  • The device fits in any pocket.

Technical features:

  • Detects optical power at single-mode and multimode fibre wavelengths (850 to 1625 nm).
  • No setup or data interpretation required - light and sound clearly indicate if an optical signal is present
  • Non-contact detector reduces risk of contamination and damage; suitable for connectors and patch cords, SM, MM, UPC and APC connectors
  • LightBeat™ flashes to indicate operating and battery status; turns off after five minutes to conserve battery power (2 x AAA, included)
  • Two-year warranty

For more information on the FiberLert™, please see the >>datasheet.

The FiberLert™ is unique. There is no comparable device on the market. Fluke is the only company to offer a user-friendly meter that displays infrared light in close proximity.

The FiberLert™ is available now from Allmos Electronic. Please contact us by phone at +49 89 89 505-0 or by email at: