NetAlly Loyalty Program

1 year Premium Support additionally free of charge!

Planegg, February 24, 2021

As an owner of active measurement handheld tools FLUKE/NETSCOUT or netAlly - you will receive 1 year premium support additionally free of charge when purchasing a new netAlly product!

For a limited time only, owners of older netAlly (FLUKE/NETSCOUT) products who purchase a new netAlly handheld network tester plus 1 or 3 years of Ally Care will receive an additional FREE year of AllyCare Premium Support service.

This service includes:

  • Software upgrades / updates
  • Ally Care enabled product features
  • Repair / replacement
  • Replacement of accessories
  • Priority technical support

You can also find more information about this NetAlly promotion HERE.

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The NetAlly promotion ends on December 30, 2021 and cannot be combined with other promotions!