Fiber Tester from Fluke Networks

CertiFiber PRO

  • Modular design
  • TaptiveTM user interface
  • Fast certification of 2 fibers with 2 avelenghts in JUST 3 secondsEncircled-Flux compliant, according to the ANSI/TIA & ISO/IEC specifications
  • Integrated ProjXTM managementsystem
  • Practical quad fiber modul supports attenuation measurement at single and multimode fiber
  • Integrated visual fault locator
  • LinkWareTM management software

OptiFiber PRO & OptiFiber PRO HDR

  • OTDR for enterprise networks
  • Smartphone typical user interface
  • Large colour touch screen
  • one touch setup and operation
  • Managemnet of project and user profiles
  • Multi mode and single mode
  • Expert mode
  • real time trace
  • Optional with USB camera

Available models:

  • OFP2-100-M (I): Multimode
  • OFP2-100-S (I) : Singlemode
  • OFP2-100-Q (I): Single- und Multimode

Available models OptiFiber PRO HDR (Singlemode):

  • OFP2-200-S
  • OFP2-200-S1490
  • OFP2-200-S1625

Download Datasheet OptiFiber PRO HDR


  • Automatic certification of LWL- fiber connector end faces according the IEC 61300-3-35 standard
  • Graphical representation of errors devided into two groups:
    _Errors (typically pollution)
  • Automatically pass/ fail assessment within 2 seconds
  • Evaluation of end surface without human subjectivity
  • Evaluation of end surface without human subjectivity
  • Storing the results of the certification process
  • Time saving during inspection of end faces

FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro MPO

FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro MPO
  • Völlige Sichtbarkeit der Endflächen mit Live View
  • Lässt sich mit Versiv/Linkware für einfachen Betrieb und Dokumentation oder mit Mobiltelefonen zum Testen und zur Freigabe integrieren
  • Automatisierte Pass/Fail Analyse innerhalb von weniger als 2 Sekunden pro Faser
  • Mehrfach-Kamera mit Autofokus/Autozentrierung für Echtzeit-Imaging
  • Robustes und ergonomisches Design mit Holster
  • Unterstützt eine oder zwei Reihen 8,12 oder 16 UPC- oder APC-Steckern sowie Einzelfasern

Download Datenblatt



Detects active fiber signals for testing ports, cables and polarity.

  • Detects optical power in single-mode and multimode fiber wavelengths (near infrared range 850 nm to 1625 nm)
  • No setup or interpretation needed – light and sound indicate presence of an optical signal
  • “Non contact” detector reduces the risk of contamination and damage
  • Suitable for ports and patch cords, SM, MM, UPC and APC connections
  • LightBeat™ flashes to indicate operation and battery status; powers off after five minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life (2xAAA, included)
  • Two-year warranty

SimpliFiber Pro

  • Verifying fiber
  • Measurment of attenuation and opt. performance
  • Light sources:
    _Multi mode 850nm/1300nm
    _Single mode 1310nm/1550nm
  • Available fiber test kits:
    _FTK1000: multi mode kit
    _FTK1300: multi mode with FiberViewer
    and VFL
    _FTK1350: multi mode with Fiber
    Inspector Mini and VFL
    _FTK1450: multi and single Mode with
    FiberInspector Mini and VFL
    _FTK 2000: single mode kit


  • QuickMap: Multi Mode OTDR
  • OneShot: Single Mode OTDR
  • OneShot PRO: Single Mode OTDR für Service Provider
  • SC Anschluss
  • Zeigt Abstand zu Dämpfungs- und Reflektionsereignis
  • Maximale Längen
    _1,5km (QuickMap)
    _6km (OneShot)
    _23km (OneShot PRO)