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LinkWare Live is a cloud-based service that lets you manage certification jobs anytime, anywhere, with anyone on any device.

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Afraid of losing Measurement Data?

If the answer to the question is YES, you can now implement a small process change that will give you complete peace-of-mind.

Did you know that the #1 feature of Fluke Networks LinkWare Live SaaS is the uploading of test results directly to the cloud from instruments, part of the Versiv Cable Certification System, in the field? Almost simultaneously Project Managers can view the results from wherever they are on any kind of device. They can also choose at that time to download the measurement data to their PC.

To enable the functionality, you need a Wi-Fi Adapter for your Versiv and set up a LinkWare Live account.

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To set up a LinkWare Live account go to: www.linkwarelive.com

LinkWare Live Benefits:

  • Visibility - Keep track of every test on every job
    Get an overview of every project from any smart device. Drill down to each individual test. Instantly receive notification of incorrect test setting or cable IDs.
  • Setup Testers and Labelers - Get it right the first time
    Define cable IDs and test settings from your PC or tablet
    Then send them to the testers or Brother labelers at the jobsite for mistake-free testing.
  • Manage Your Testers - Stay up to date
    Standards can change without notice, and an out-of-date test report can mean hours of re-testing. LinkWare Live automatically ensures your testers are running the latest.
  • Test Result Management - Stop wasting time and gas driving testers back to the office
    Upload your test results straight from the job site to LinkWare Live over Wi-Fi. Then download them automatically to the right job for fast report generation with LinkWare PC.
  • Asset Management * - Avoid Project Delays
    Track the last used location and monitor the status of all testers to ensure they are always calibrated and running the latest firmware.

Its time to talk change

In this highly competitive market margins are tight. Thorough Project Management and preventing foreseeable mistakes from happening, will save time increase profitability. LinkWare Live will give you unprecedented Project Management capabilities and allow your organization to work smarter.

A recent customer survey amongst several hundred installers indicated that those that have deployed Versiv and LinkWare Live in their organization have experienced a 10% increase in earnings per completed job. At the same time, they reported productivity enhancements in the area of troubleshooting in excess of 65%.

To learn about the findings from the survey and the opportunities to reduce time spent on many test-related functions, helping cabling installers to reap new profits in the progress download now the new "How to increase profits in cable installations? Save time." White Paper.

Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Versiv

Download White Paper: Installing Data Networks Using LinkWareTM Live SaaS!

Any member of the Versiv Cable Certification System is a “THING” on the internet. This can help you be more productive and result into achieving higher levels of overall job profitability. Deploying Software as a Service (SaaS), or the Cloud, affects existing work processes.

To learn about the day in a life of a cabling infrastructure installer who has adapted his workflow to fully leverage the SaaS capabilities download the “Installing Data Networks Using LinkWare Live SaaS” White Paper here.

LinkWare Live in Action

By introducing a workflow that includes checking on how a job is proceeding a couple of times a day, Project Managers gain temendous insight that helps getting jobs done right the first time. To view the enhanced visiblity into your projects can be with Link Ware Live SaaS deployed, click here to view the video „Organize Test Results in 4 Easy Steps with LinkWareTM Live“.

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