Fluke Networks TradeIn - Secure up to EUR 2,500 for your old cable certifier!

Switch to the DSX2-5000/-8000 now !

Planegg, September 1st, 2021

Let's go! Replace your old cable measuring device with a DSX CableAnalyzer and certify the network specifications with the standard requirements for PoE!

Get 1,500 Euro trade-in bonus* on the list price for your old measuring device. If you decide to upgrade to a copper cable analyzer and get Gold Support at the same time, you will even receive a 2,000 Euro trade-in bonus* on the list price of your old analyzer. In combination with a module set for optical attenuation measurement, even up to 2,500 Euro trade-in bonus* are possible!

Take advantage of this Fluke Networks promotion and order your new Fluke Networks DSX2-5000 or DSX2-8000 today at Allmos Electronic.

For detailed product information, please refer to the datasheet.

This promotion only runs through December 15, 2021.

*Order the "/T" TradeIn version of any of the above model numbers (i.e. DSX2-5000/T or DSX2-8000/T) from Allmos Electronic and, upon return of an old unit with functionally comparable features to the new units, receive the unit at the promotional price (list price less 1,500 EUR discount for trade-in) or in connection with Gold Support* (i.e. DSX2-5000 GLD/T or DSX2-8000 GLD/T) less 2,000 EUR discount. Further information can be found here.

The promotion ends on December 15, 2021.

You need network testers for fiber optic certification?

TradeIn is also possible for the following models:

OFP2-100-Q/T - 1.500 EUR trade-in bonus
OFP2-100-Q/GLD/T - 2.000 EUR trade-in premium
CFP2-100-Q /T - 1.500 EUR trade-in premium
CFP2-100-Q/GLD/T - 2.000 EUR trade-in premium
DSX2-5000QI/T - 2.000 EUR trade-in premium
DSX2-5000QI/GLD/T - 2,500 EUR trade-in bonus


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