NetAlly, formerly a business unit of NETSCOUT and previously part of Fluke Networks, officially launched as an independent company.

The new spinout is comprised of a team that has been developing highly recognized and respected brands of portable network test solutions for more than 25 years.

NetAlly is now an independent provider of handheld testing solutions including 

  • Etherscope nXG
  • LinkRunner® Netzwerk Auto-Tester
  • LinkSprinter Pocket Network Tester
  • OneTouch AT Network Assistant
  • AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester
  • AirMagnet Mobile solutions
  • Test Accessory - iPerf Tester

As part of the launch, the company is also announcing Wi-Fi 6 support for AirCheck G2, as well as new updates to its centralized Cloud platform, Link-Live, that are said to dramatically improve data analysis and collaboration for network engineers and technicians.

NetAlly provides innovative solutions for testing, monitoring and analyzing enterprise and telecommunications networks. The comprehensive product portfolio offers network owners and maintenance engineers unprecedented visibility, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use for optimized network performance.