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Planegg, February 25, 2021

The OptiView XG (first introduced in 2011) is a wired and wireless network analyzer that combines multiple functions into a single, powerful device. In March 2023, the device will no longer be supported by NETSCOUT Systems.

Upgrade now!

The NetAlly EtherScope nXG (introduced October 2019) is similarly designed, but has fully integrated wired / Wi-Fi capabilities in a smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective package. EtherScope nXG has been updated with new technologies and is a next-generation network analyzer.

BUY an EtherScope nXG now with 3 years maintenance and get the AirMagnet Survey Pro (AM-A4018) license including Planner for free.

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The NetAlly promotion ends on June 30, 2021 and cannot be combined with any other promotion!