New OptiFiber 200 Pro Singlemode HDR OTDR

Measurements and troubleshooting in outdoor areas

Planegg, November 19th, 2018

The OptiFiber® Pro High Dynamic Range (HDR) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, the first OTDR that fulfills contractors’, helps installers’ and network owners’ demands for a single solution to deal with applications ranging from FTTx, PON and datacenters to category-rated structured cabling. Versiv users report that its efficient and familiar interface cuts costs by 65% when testing, certifying and maintaining copper and fiber network installations.

Act by December 21st for introductory pricing on the new OptiFiber Pro High Dynamic Range OTDR Modules.

The OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR is designed to support the growing need for an OTDR able to test and document HDR applications supporting outside plant (OSP) back-haul and long-haul services, peer-to-peer (P2P), passive optical network (PON), and fiber-to-the-premises installations. Three new singlemode modules address 1490 nm, 1625 nm and combined 1310/1550 nm with a dynamic range of up to 42 dB, allowing users to find more faults over longer distances.

Versiv reduced the certification cost. OptiFiber Pro’s award-winning interface is enhanced with a number of new features to support these applications, including automated identification of splitters and Expert-Manual mode which allows users to optimize the instrument’s performance by easily modifying automated settings chosen by the OTDR. This is in addition to groundbreaking features including automated setup, pinch-and-zoom analysis of traces and Event Map™ interpretation of results. The EventMap to easily identifies everything on the trunk - it’s a real time saver.

Fluke Networks’ modular Versiv Platform is the basis of the OptiFiber Pro OTDR solution. All Versiv models work with LinkWare PC reporting software and the LinkWare Live cloud-connected certification service. With over fourteen million results uploaded to date, LinkWare Live is the industry’s leading solution for automated setup and support of the certification devices and cabling projects. The Versiv platform and OptiFiber Pro Series OTDRs help to make novice installers into experts and makes experts faster. For companies and organizations that install or own data communication networks, the OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR is one certification tool they can count on to more efficiently and quickly install, test and certify a wide range of cabling installations.