NetAlly Rewards Promotion

Have one on us!

Planegg, April 6, 2020


Buy a LinkRunner® G2 or AirCheck™ G2 and choose your reward – a FREE* LinkSprinter® or Test Accessory Pocket iPerf Server

For a limited time, purchasers of a NetAlly AirCheck™ G2 Wi-Fi Tester or LinkRunner® G2 Smart Network Tester are eligible to receive a FREE reward for each tester purchased. Choose from either a LinkSprinter® Pocket Network Tester or Test Accessory Pocket iPerf Server as your reward – either one helps you and your team get more done!

Get your offer and further information today:


*Applies only once per serial number. Sending after application takes about 8-12 weeks. This action can be terminated at any time. All rights reserved.