Allmos Electronic is presenting the new LinkRunner G2 from Netscout

World’s First Android-based network tester

Planegg, November 29th, 2017
Allmos Electronic is presenting the LinkRunner G2 the World’s First Android-based network tester.

For organizations challenged by the rapid growth of network-connected devices, this next-generation Ethernet test tool enables IT professionals to accelerate deployments and speed problem identification, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations.

The LinkRunner G2 improves the effectiveness of network operations by automating manual processes and combining enhanced copper and fiber Ethernet testing with the use of mobile apps in a single device.

As the world's first Android-based network tester, the LinkRunner G2 sets standards of superlatives:

  • Verify connectivity at 10/100/1000 over copper or 10/1000 over Fiber
  • Android-based OS
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable with optional Edimax2 adapter
  • TruePower™ PoE/UPOE load testing across all 4 pairs
  • Cable validation including distance to fault
  • Discover the nearest switch/slot/port and WLAN / Voice WLAN
  • DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity test
  • Ping and TCP port connectivity test
  • Automated test result upload to Link-Live Cloud Service
  • Packet reflection up to 1Gbps

LinkRunner G2 makes the complex simple by providing local visibility and empowering collaboration between technicians and engineers.

“Using LinkRunner G2 with its wired Ethernet capabilities and hardened Android OS, IT profession also get the job done from start to finish”, stated Ottmar Flach, CEO of Allmos Electronic GmbH.

The combination of using vendor-specific mobile apps and LinkRunner’s custom hardware means network professionals can now execute their entire workflow on a single device. They can receive a trouble ticket, review documentation, test loaded PoE and network services, automatically document the results, and configure and triage connected devices.

The LinkRunner G2 is now available at Allmos Electronic.