Allmos Electronic is presenting “Linkware Live” from Fluke Networks

Cloud-based administration and analysis tool for Versiv certification tester

Planegg, 2. Juni 2016

Allmos Electronic is presenting „Linkware Live“, the first cloud-based service from Fluke Networks.

The first cloud-based service that enables contractors, cable installers and project managers using the Versiv™ family of certification testers to upload, manage, and analyze certification test results from cabling projects - anytime, anywhere. LinkWare Live works with DSX-5000™, OptiFiber® Pro, and CertiFiber® Pro certification testers to optimize project management and safeguard contractor profitability by providing real-time access to testing results, extending support to technicians in the field, and eliminating costly truck rolls simply for tester transport back to the office. LinkWare Live is a free service available to all Versiv customers.

Collecting certification test results is a significant challenge because they are stored in testers that frequently move from one job site to another. These job sites can be hundreds of miles away from one another, as well as from headquarters. Accidentally erased or failed memory cards can negate several days’ worth of work.

By uploading tests to LinkWare Live regularly, project managers can save trips solely to collect results, prevent data loss and continuously track project progress. LinkWare Live also automatically organizes test results by job, eliminating the painstaking task of manually combining files from multiple testers.

Using LinkWare Live, contractors can achieve greater project profitability; increase the potential for more project wins; and use its unique analytics and benchmarking to improve installation, certification and troubleshooting efforts out in the field.

 Managing test results through a cloud-based service offers significant advantages: Increased productivity by no longer needing to manually transport testers from the field just to download test results; Reduced time spent categorizing and compiling test results by automatically consolidating them into the correct job; Less rework by reducing the likelihood of losing test results when testers or memory cards are lost, stolen or erased; Faster troubleshooting by providing instant access to results from anywhere and Real-time visibility into project status from any location.